Mortirolo // Gavia // Stelvio – Three passes – One day ride

 1.Scroll down 2. Make up your mind 3. Air down your lungs 4. Jump up your saddle


Here is the classic road version of Mogast. Mortirolo, Gavia and Stelvio all in one whisper. The alpine roller coaster we got addicted to. On each of every three passes you will find a foodstop.



A few more words about the novelty of the year, the crunchy bit of the cake: the alternative gravel plus+ Mogast route.

Partially inspired to last year edition is designed for Mountain Bike/heavy Gravel lovers. This route includes also approx. 45 kilometers of unpaved roads and broad mountain paths. The starter includes tarmac, gravel and concrete sections before ending up in fabulous Eita. But watch out, before getting there, as in every good fairy tale you will have to conquer a castel.

In Eita the tarmac ends and things finally get rough until Passo Verva (click here if you want to have some visual hint of what to expect). After a technical and rough descent, in Arnoga, just let your wheels kiss for a few meters the asphalt again and cross the main road SS 38. Here begins another chapter of the story: the Decauville road; What, believe it or not, once upon a time was a road for electrified heavy vehicles transporting material to the Cancano dam is now a gravel reservoir of nature for biking and trekking.

 Almost ten kilometers long and mostly flat, the Decauville road, leads you back to the fairy tale dimension and to the Fraele towers. In Cancano some more strong feeling might await you as the route crosses the dam before some more rough and tough material: the section between Cancano and the Stelvio pass junction. Here only the Stelvio is left to go. And, we believe, it does not need any introduction. You will find a foodstop in Cancano and on Stelvio Pass. At Eita checkpoint you can have a snack at Rifugio/Restaurant Eita




A as every year’s tradition we suggest a pre-Mogast warm-up track -the Sgambatina- for friday afternoon. This year’s new in store: the unprecedented Mortirolo from Sernio. Leg breaking ascent and long breathtaking panoramas on top, it will end up with a gelato, as usual.

June, 24 from 20:00 @CASANATURA


We are sure you will choose the smartest way to reach us and that you have your CO2 footprint in mind. In any case, we listed below some tips:

by bike: Casanatura is only few bike minutes from Tirano, which is located in the heart of the Italian Apls on the border with Switzerland. This means about 170 km from Milan, 180 km from Bolzano and 260 km from Zurich. Once you arrive in Tirano look for the River and then find the bridge on the road leading to Bormio. At that point begins a comfortable cycle path that will take you to our headquarter in few minutes. Here the map from Tirano train station:  Tirano_to_Casanatura

by train: there are several trains connecting Milano Centrale station with Tirano daily. Here you can find more information, depending on your arrival time.
if you come from northern Europe and prefer to go through Switzerland, take a look at the Raethian railways timetable at this link

by car: always remember that car sharing is caring! Here you can find the GPS coordinates for your GPS device. Have a look to the Kmz if you decide to plan your trip via Google.

-by plane: It´s actually the art of up and down we like the least (do not fly if you really don’t have to, take responsibility for our planet): you can reach one of the Milan area airports (Malpensa, Linate) or Bergamo Orio Al Serio. From Malpensa there are several connections by train/bus with the Milano Central station. From Linate and Bergamo Orio, mainly bus connections.

For any further question, here we are.