-How can I validate my medical certificate? – The Datahealth procedure

As specifyed in the registration page, to enter MOGAST a medical certificate for competitive cycling is mandatory. The certificate must be valid at the date of the event and both stamp and signature of your Doctor have to be present on the certificate.

The Italian Cycling Federation is now strongly recommending the use of the “Datahealth” platform which will take care of validating the certificates.

Here the instructions to validate your certificate:

1: reach out the Datahealth platform at https://www.datahealth.it/account/register or by clicking here. Enter all your data and click “Register Atlete” (see below)

2. once registered, you will receive an email with a “personal datahealth code”. you will find this code also in the mask following the “Athlete registration” (see below)

3. click “Add new certificate” and the “Upload new certificate” mask will appear. Fill in all the requested information and select “S.003 – Ciclismo” in the “Sport” tab. Upload the certificate and click “Confirm and upload” (see below)

4. a Certificate summary mask will appear. Carefully verify your data and click “Go to Payment” (see below)

5. at this point a payment mask will appear. To validate your certificate you need to pay a 2.81€ fee. The payment can be done via PayPal or credit card.

6. after the payment you will receive a confirmation via email and your certificate will be validated within 2-3 working days. Once the certificate will be validated, you will receive a unique code and a PDF QR code.

7. You must provide us the confirmation pdf/jpg with the QR code at info@mogast.com within may, 31. If we don’t receive the QR code wihin this date your subscription will not be considered valid.

For any further query drop us a line anytime at info@mogast.com or refer to Datahealth FAQ section at this link:
https://www.datahealth.it/doc/Help/FAQ%20atleti%20-%20EN.pdf or click here.