MOGAST | three passes in a one day ride

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the unexpected current healthcare emergency we had (sigh) to cancel the formerly fixed date for Mogast 2020 (12/13/14 June). We are spectator ourself of this evolving situation. So far the 2020 edition is cancelled, we will see if it will be possible to organize a pop up edition of the ride later in the season. The hope is that everyone of you has understanding for this and even more important that everyone of you is doing fine**

As you might have noticed we are not really into standstill. And not in routine. And above all, as the route of Mogast fiercely demonstrates, not into flatness.

If in the past edition we added some pepper to the recipe, in 2020 we are willing to throw in some stones and sand in to the Mogast cake. Just to make it more crunchy. What does it mean? That Mogast will double up: alongside the classic brutal but -somehow- silky road route we scouted an alternative gravel friendly route. It´s up to you to pick up the slice of the cake you might find more suitable to your chainring teeth. But notice, while the classic route will be as usual dotted with food stops, the gravel one will be partially unsupported.

As you know, we like to think about Mogast as a Village whose inhabitants roam in space and time but fond of the idea to gather together once a year.

An open village happy to distribute hugs, as round as a pedal stroke as intense as the smell of pizzoccheri, to old friends and ready to greet newcomers.

This year the “village” will hopefully to gather on a day in September, as the marmots will be out their holes still sipping their pre-winter herb-tea and as the mountains are already wearing their white hats. And everything will start with a toast, how else?


We will be mostly hanging around and starting the ride at Casa Natura, a House runned by the Italian environment friendly association Legambiente. During these years Mogast has been a pedalling party, made from friends for friends. Small and juicy.

Nevertheless, Mogast as we intend it is also place for communication and expression and a modular event. So if you think you might have any idea which could contribute to enrich it, do not hesitate and drop us a line.

Important: in order to comply with the italian laws all the participants will be insured (included in the registration fee) and in order to take part to the ride it will be mandatory a medical certification for competitive cycling (UCI card owner excluded) . Here you can download the form for non-Italian residents:

Have a look to the the participation rules here


Big challenges deserve big rewards. So we are planning to reward ourself with local food. If you are curious, here are some hints for you: pizzoccheri, ribollita (aka Ribollisa™, thanks John!) and sassella. 

As usual The Mogast staff & friends will cook some culinary delights to keep your muscles running. 

For the whole three day treats (see program below) we calculate a cost of 50€ per head (15 euros for the daily insurance, the rest for logistic and food). 

If you plan to come, all you need to do is to subscribe here 

Please notice: we aren’t professionals, we are not earning any money out of this, we’re just a bunch of amigos organizing some good time for friends.
It never happened before, but in case we will have any financial overflow at the end of the event it looks more pragmatical and more reasonable to us to donate the exceeding sum to Mission Lifeline . Anyway, we promise to keep you posted about this.
Naturally we are looking forward to party and hang around with everyone willing to participate only to the ride, to help or to visit us. 

Last note: ride safe. We care about you! Tutti amore, AMORE GRANDE


Around Casanatura there’s also a green area where you can place your tent or park your van. The number of places is limited, so please contact us to verify the availability. If you don´t mind some extra comfort and are looking for an accomodation have a look here for the B&Bs in the area. 


Vrijdad / Venerdi / Freitag
a day in september, maybe
10:00Mogast Welcome Siesta
14:00Warmup sgambatina sul Mortirolo or thereabouts upon request
18:00Bianco sporco & Ribollita Welcome aperitif
all day long*Participants accreditation
Zaterdag / Sabato / Samstag
a day in september, maybe
7:00Prima colazione a lo Mogasto
8:00M O G A S T
20:00Pizzoccheri o muerte. Dinner party powered by Accademia del Pizzocchero @Parco degli Olmi
Zondag / Domenica / Sonntag
a day in september, maybe
wheneverBrunching y amor y fotonovelas

* accreditation will be possible until 22:00 of friday. Please get in touch with us if you expect to arrive later or the same ride day