Some light, because we all deserve it. Here some rays of sun conserved from Mogast 2019 directly out of the magic super8 jar of our beloved light dealer and videomaker Marco Artusi. A big thank you also to Fabrizio Ferigo for the editing and to every friend who spontaneoulsy lent us his voice and/or rap and helped to create this video.

75 years ago today, 20.3.1945, a bunch of partisans climbed on the Mortirolo where they barricaded themselves and started one of the few frontal fight against a brigade of the axis powers that will end only the 10 of April. Despite the unequal forces the battle ended up with a victory of the partisans.
A little hairpin in the big road of history wich gives us hope as the analogies with the current times are persistent.
Amoregrande more than ever to all of you, our beloved resistants in Mogastland or elsewhere.